COVID-19 Testing Locations in DC

DisCon III strongly encourages anyone who requires a test for travel to schedule it in advance. We encourage international travelers to carefully confirm the testing requirements of both their destination country and any countries they’re transiting through. Some countries may accept only specific types of tests, or have specific forms they require the testing clinic to fill out. Be aware that very few clinics are open on Sunday, and Saturday hours are often limited.

  • DC provides a list of many test locations.
      • Note that some of these locations offer tests only for symptomatic or exposed individuals and specifically do not provide tests for travel purposes; individuals seeking travel tests are encouraged to call the location in advance and confirm that this is a service they provide.
      • Farragut Medical and Travel Care (815 Connecticut Ave NW; about 1 block from Farragut North metro station), on that list, focuses specifically on tests for travel. They’re open Monday-Friday.
  • CVS also has several locations in DC that offer tests; these can be found on the CVS website.
  • Pill Plus Pharmacy (4215 Connecticut Ave NW; 1/2 block from the Van Ness metro station) offers same-day PCR testing. They’re open Monday-Friday.
  • Alpha Peoples Drugs (1638 R St NW; about 4 blocks from the Dupont Circle metro station) offers PCR testing. They’re open Monday-Saturday.
  • Grubbs Pharmacy (326 East Capitol St NE; about 8 blocks from Union Station) offers tests as well; more information can be found in their website. They’re open Monday-Saturday.
  • All three DC-area airports offer on-site one-hour PCR COVID testing for travelers.
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