Volunteering Opportunities

If you see an opening that interests you, please fill in our volunteering form – there’s a section where you can apply for a specific position. If you have already filled out the form and wish to apply for a specific position, you can email us at volunteers@discon3.org. If you don’t see anything that suits you, please fill in our volunteering form and let us know what kind of position you are interested in.

PositionDivisionTasks and responsibilitiesExperience and skillsTime commitment
Treasury StaffChairsThe at-con treasury staff will be responsible for managing the flow of money during the convention. Tasks will include taking in and dispersing cash as needed, including working with the art show, registration, and site selection, and maintaining at-con books. Not everyone will do all tasks. The time commitment can vary from a few hours each day on up. There will be morning, mid-day, and evening shifts, so the time commitment is flexible. Attention to detail is critical. Experience with spreadsheets (Excel and/or Google Sheets) is very helpful. Prior experience working at-con treasury is desired.Pre-con commitment will be minor, just organizational meetings. At con, from 2-3 hrs per day on up.
Information Booth StaffMember and Staff ServicesInfo Booth needs friendly people to help staff the booth during the day. While helpful to be an experienced Worldcon-goer or a Washington-area-familiar
fan, we can work with anyone with a few hours to spare.
Let us know if you've worked a convention or Worldcon Information Booth before, if you've been to Worldcons before and/or if you are knowledgeable about Washington, DC.At-con - 2 hours minimum per day to as many hours as you want.
QuartermasterMember and Staff ServicesIn charge of receiving in general supplies, organizing so they are readily identifiable in a centrally located “stockroom” for distribution to various food functions (i.e., con suite, staff den, green room, teen lounge). Ensure that food is delivered to each food function in a timely fashion. Maintaining track of inventory, so that overbuying does not occur and there is nothing excessive left over. Also to make sure that all food functions get what they need in a timely manner. Certain supplies will be allocated only to staff den (for example); those supplies may be delivered directly to location.Organization, attention to detail, ability to deal with changing situations on a last minute basis, ability to deal with all preferences (for example, willing to serve meat even if personally vegan)Minimal pre-con work; emails, online and/or in-person meetings. Move-in and at-con will need coverage during most hours hospitality is running; hours to be determined.
BuyerMember and Staff ServicesCentralized purchasing for Hospitality - Will acquire supplies (mostly consumables) for hospitality and deliver to Quartermaster or directly to assigned location if needed (eg, staff den). If delivering directly, notifying Quartermaster of supplies delivered. The Buyer will have to shop in a variety of stores and keep track of receipts. Ability to drive a van or 26 ft truck is a plus, but not required. Ability to work with various departments within Hospitality to determine supplies needed and understand the purchasing and serving philosophy being used by Hospitality.

Ability to go out and shop in a variety of stores, including but not limited to all warehouse clubs (including Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's - corporate memberships will be provided by convention), grocery stores, specialty shops, etc. Understanding of what substitutions are acceptable and when substitutions should not be made, and making judgment calls when necessary. Ability to see opportunities for items that are not on the list to purchase, and take advantage of appropriately and within budget.

Ability to keep track of, and turn in, all receipts (you are not expected to put out any of your own money - convention will provide).

Ability to drive anything from cargo van to 24 or 26 foot truck (CDL not needed) is a plus, but not required.
Minimal pre-con work, mostly emails, online and/or in person meetings. More time will be needed at Move-in and start of con, tapering down towards end of convention. Move-out may require returning and/or donating any left over consumables. Post-con potentially up to 5-10 hours.
Editorial StaffProgramEditing program ideas to adhere to in-house style guide during the brainstorming process.Professional-level copyediting and/or proofreading experience.2-5 hours a week through winter 2021.
Pocket Convention Guide EditorPublicationsCoordinate with Program, Events, Exhibits, and other divisions to produce the DisCon III pocket convention guide. Layout design and editing similar publications1-2 hours per day in the final months before the start of DisCon III
Program Area Head or Deputy Area HeadProgramNarrowing the list of potential program items from brainstorming and locating programmatic gaps/weak points, recruiting program participants as needed, maintaining contact with participants and ensuring online participants receive any necessary software training, and selecting participants for program items. Maintaining inter- and intra-divisional communications as necessary. May be involved running at-con activities, either online or in-person. Other area-dependant duties as required.Describe here any previous convention or other experience and skills needed for the position.
Knowledge of subject and a vision of an ideal program area in terms of subjects and presenters. Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as how and when to delegate or ask for assistance. Similar convention experience is greatly preferred (but don’t let that scare you off). See list of program areas at https://discon3.org/whats-on/program/. LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.
Varies depending on position and Program Area, but expect two to ten hours per week. Duties start immediately and run until shortly before the start of the Convention.
Listeners Area HeadMember and Staff ServicesWorking with the Division Head of Member & Staff Services the Listener AH is responsible for: Managing the Listeners Team at con in both physical and virtual space. Updating the Code of Conduct as necessary. Taking reports of CoC violations both before and at con and taking them through the process to a final resolution. The Listener AH is also responsible for helping their team and taking escalations as needed.Previous experience with Codes of Conduct in conventions or other communities is necessary. Experience of team leader/management roles a definite bonus.Pre-con & Move-In: Variable depending on possible reports, but ~2 hours a week. At con: 8-10 hours per day, possibly more depending on reports. Post-con: Production of a report of CoC incidents at con.
Move Out HelpersOperationsHelp with move-out on Sunday of Convention and ALSO Monday after the Convention. Tracking down things to move out. Loading things onto carts. Pushing carts. Loading trucks. Etc.Previous move-in/move-out experience is a plus.From a couple of hours to a couple of days
Move In HelpOperationsHelp with move-in on the Monday and Tuesday before the Convention and the first day Wednesday of the Convention. Unloading trucks, pushing carts, delivering thing to where they go. Etc.Prior move-in/move-out experience is a plusFrom a couple of hours to a couple of days
Truck DriversOperationsMust have experience with driving (and backing up) large trucks (bigger than a panel van) and feel comfortable driving a "26 foot / 26,000 pound truck", have a US driver's license, a good driving record, good eye-sight (corrected is fine), and be less than 65 years old. CDL is NOT required.Must have experience with driving (and backing up) large trucks (bigger than a panel van) and feel comfortable driving a "26 foot / 26,000 pound truck", have a US driver's license, a good driving record, good eye-sight (corrected is fine), and be less than 65 years old. CDL is NOT required.Several hours to a day at a time.
Front of House Area HeadEventsThe Front of House AH would be in charge of coordinating the FoH teams for the various large Events. The teams responsibilities would include:

-Coordinating with Line Management,
-Controlling Access to the Events Venue
- Ensuring aisles and seat spacing meet ADA requirements
- Managing early seating groups/reserved seating lists: ADA, Hugo Finalists, other as needed per event
- Coordinating with Stage Manager with respect to closing doors and start of show.

Other duties may be included as per the needs of each event.
Experience with managing a team, working events, and interacting with people in lines.Several hours every Event evening, some planning and organizing.