Volunteering Opportunities

If you see an opening that interests you, please fill in our volunteering form – there’s a section where you can apply for a specific position. If you have already filled out the form and wish to apply for a specific position, you can email us at volunteers@discon3.org. If you don’t see anything that suits you, please fill in our volunteering form and let us know what kind of position you are interested in.

PositionDivisionTasks and responsibilitiesExperience and skillsTime commitment
Volunteer benefits managerMember and Staff ServicesThe Volunteer benefits manager is in charge of coordinating volunteer benefits with the other divisions, planning the at-con management system for volunteer benefits and overseeing the benefits process at-con. The Volunteer benefits manager will work closely with the Volunteer team. The position entails both pre-con and at-con work. Experience in organizing conventions is not an absolute requirement, but a decent understanding of Worldcon divisions and how they work is helpful. Good organizational and communication skills needed.Pre-con a couple of hours a month, likely a little more in the months just before the convention. At-con to be determined, probably a couple of hours a day.
Volunteer Newsletter EditorMember and Staff ServicesThe Volunteer Newsletter Editor is in charge of compiling the Volunteer newsletter, in coordination with the Volunteer team.Good writing and communication skills. Marketing experience is helpful, but not required.A couple of hours a month, likely a little more closer to the convention.
Pocket Convention Guide EditorPublicationsCoordinate with Program, Events, Exhibits, and other divisions to produce the DisCon III pocket convention guide. Layout design and editing similar publications1-2 hours per day in the final months before the start of DisCon III
Gaming Area HeadProgramThe Gaming Area Head should be committed to promoting gaming in all forms. They should have excellent communication skills and be proactive in wrangling staff. The Gaming Area Head should identify people who would be good for running different kinds of gaming areas (video/arcade, board/strategy/RPG). Ability to manage space allocation a plus.I need someone who has been high-level staff at a gaming convention, preferably of more than one type (board, video, etc). Strong communication skills and management experience is required.
Brainstorming HeadProgramThe Brainstorming Head will run our online Brainstorming group, which includes a mailing list as well as online work sessions, so the ability to wrangle large groups of people online is critical. They must be a good developmental editor and be able to stick to a schedule. The Brainstorming Head will also be able to identify and recruit people who can create and/or develop high-quality ideas. We are looking for someone who has run programming or program brainstorming groups at a high level at one or more regional-to-international conventions.10+ hours a week, running late spring through December of 2020.
Brainstorming AdminProgramWork will consist of moving ideas posted to the brainstorming mailing list and generated during work sessions into programming database. If you do not consider yourself a creative person but like being part of a team and enjoy digitally filing things, this is for you!You don't need convention experience for this one! We would like someone who has experience in online databases and can commit a regular schedule for the duration of the brainstorming period (late spring through December 2020).2-10 hours a week from late spring through December 2020.
Academic Program HeadProgramThe Academic Program Head will be an active member of brainstorming team who keeps on top of recent trends and can identify unusual academic areas of interest. We are looking for someone who likes to do research, can help draft the call for submissions and know where to spread it, and has some experience in evaluating academic talks and/or posters. The ability to locate and handle members of a small review committee would be a big plus.Experience wrangling academics through volunteer or professional experience is a must. An advanced degree would be a bonus.1-5 hours a week pre-con, starting summer 2020
Information Booth StaffMember and Staff ServicesInfo Booth needs friendly people to help staff the booth during the day. While helpful to be an experienced Worldcon-goer or a Washington-area-familiar
fan, we can work with anyone with a few hours to spare.
Let us know if you've worked a convention or Worldcon Information Booth before, if you've been to Worldcons before and/or if you are knowledgeable about Washington, DC.At-con - 2 hours minimum per day to as many hours as you want.
Brainstorming StaffProgramBrainstorming staff will generate and develop ideas according to their areas of interest to pass up to Program Area Heads. Must be able to write in English at an advanced level; proficiency in other languages is helpful. Work to be done online.We are looking for people who go to a variety of conventions, so please let us know your favorites and what your ideal programming looks like.2-5 hours per week through December 2020.
Literary Program HeadProgramThe Literary Program Head will be responsible for the broad range of literary programming, to include Reading, Publishing, Writing and Editing, and others (specific areas TBD). They will be responsible for setting the tone of literary programming, locating and managing staff, overseeing the panelist selection process, and ensuring all literary deadlines are met.We are looking for someone who has experience running programming at a regional or larger convention with a strong literary focus. Management experience required.This is a time-intensive position, requiring 5+ hours a week through the brainstorming process and intensifying through the spring of 2021 to 10+ hours a week.
Editorial HeadProgramWe are looking for someone to head the editorial team within the Program Division. Duties will include leading the editorial staff, developing an editorial workflow, and working with the Publications Division in developing an in-house style guide.Professional editorial experience in non-fiction publications.Estimated 5 hours a week during the brainstorming process and through winter 2021.
Editorial StaffProgramEditing program ideas to adhere to in-house style guide during the brainstorming process.Professional-level copyediting and/or proofreading experience.2-5 hours a week through winter 2021.