What is a membership?

Some other events sell tickets, but Worldcons sell memberships. Why? Because members are not just spectators but active participants, and Worldcon members have both rights and responsibilities. DisCon III memberships are currently available in three classes: Attending, Supporting, and Virtual.

Attending memberships  To attend the convention, you must purchase an Attending membership of the appropriate category (see below for details). Your membership will give you full access to convention activities and events, you will receive all convention publications, and you will be eligible to vote for the 2021 Hugo Awards. You will also be eligible to vote in selecting the site of the 2023 Worldcon, and to nominate for the 2022 Hugo Awards. 

Supporting memberships  Supporting members are not able to attend the convention, but they do have other important rights. As a Supporting member, you will be eligible to vote for the 2021 Hugo Awards and to vote in the 2023 Worldcon Site Selection. If you voted in the 2021 Worldcon Site Selection, you are automatically a Supporting member of DisCon III. Supporting memberships may be upgraded to Attending or Virtual memberships (details below)

Virtual memberships  Virtual members, like Supporting members, are not able to attend the convention, but Virtual membership does confer the rights of Supporting membership and also allows access to our online programming that will occur during the convention in December. We will have three separate online tracks of programming for Virtual members and will give more information as we get closer to December on the specifics regarding how Virtual members will interact with the convention.

The current membership rates for DisCon III are shown below.


Changing Your Membership Due to New December Dates

Attending Members who cannot attend in-person or virtually via the Virtual membership may opt to receive a refund to the Supporting level until August 31st, 2021. Starting on May 1st, 2021, refunds to the Virtual membership level will also be an option. Starting on August 31st to December 1st, 2021, Attending members whose plans change will be able to drop to the Virtual rate. For people who have already purchased an Attending membership and change to a different membership, they will either receive a refund of the difference or may instead choose to donate the difference to the Capitalize! Fan Fund to help others attend the convention. Please email reg@discon3.org if you need to change your membership, and let us know in your email your preference on your refund difference.


New memberships

Attending Membership
AdultBorn on or before August 23rd, 1996
(Age 25 and up)
Young AdultBorn after August 23rd,1996
(12-24 years old)
Child*Born after August 23rd, 2009
(6-11 years old)
Kid in Tow*Born after August 23rd, 2015
(0-5 years old)
First Worldcon(See note below)$180
HouseholdUp to six members of a household
(See note below)
Supporting and Virtual Memberships
SupportingAges 12 and up$50
VirtualConfers Supporting Membership rights and allows access to online programming$75

First Worldcon memberships are available to adults born on or before 23 August 1996 who have never held an Attending membership at a Worldcon. If you were born after that date, regardless of whether you have attended a Worldcon before, it will be cheaper to register as a Young Adult member.

Household membership covers up to a total of six people, with up to four Adult/Young Adult members, plus Kid-in-Tow and Child members. Household memberships can be purchased outright, or you can pay on an installment plan, with an initial payment of $50. Email registration@discon3.org to set up an installment plan, or if you need to add more Kid-in-Tow or Child members to your Household membership.

Kid-in-Tow and Child members do not have voting rights for the Hugo Awards or Site Selection.

Installment plan

If you are planning to come to the convention, but do not have the funds to pay for an Attending membership up front, DisCon III offers an installment plan. To take advantage of the plan, you must first register as a Supporting member. Under the installment plan, you can then upgrade your Supporting membership to a Young Adult, Adult, or First Worldcon membership, with the payment spread over two or more installments. The cost to upgrade is the difference between the cost of the Supporting membership and the cost of the Attending membership.

Once you have a Supporting membership, please email registration@discon3.org to set up your installment plan. All installments must be paid in full by December 1, 2021, and your Attending membership will not be active until full payment has been received.

Upgrading your membership

If you voted in the 2021 Worldcon Site Selection in Dublin, you are automatically a Supporting member of DisCon III, and you can upgrade to either an Attending or Virtual membership. If you have purchased a Supporting membership, you can also choose to upgrade that. The cost of upgrading a Supporting membership is always the difference between the cost of a Supporting membership and the cost of the appropriate category of membership, which may reflect differently from the below chart if you purchased your membership early at a lower cost. With prices at May 1, 2021 levels, the upgrade prices are:

Upgrade Supporting to Attending
AdultBorn on or before August 23rd, 1996
(25 and up)
Young AdultBorn after August 23rd, 1996
(12-24 years old)
First Worldcon(see note above)$130
Upgrade Supporting to Virtual
VirtualConfers Supporting Membership rights and allows access to online programming$25

You can also spread the cost of upgrading by taking advantage of our installment plan – see above.

Making the most of your membership

Once you have purchased your membership, you can use our Members Area to check on your status and to participate in DisCon III – look out for new options there, and ways to get involved!

Friends of the DC in 2021 Bid

If you were a Friend of the DC in 2021 Bid and voted in the site selection at Dublin 2019 you have a full Attending membership; if you didn’t vote, the cost to upgrade to an Attending membership is $75. If you were a Patron or Benefactor of the DC in 2021 Bid, you already have an attending membership.

Please note that DisCon III memberships are generally not refundable, but they can be transferred to someone else. Please contact registration@discon3.org for more details.

Click HERE to purchase or upgrade a membership.