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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

4:00 pm EST

Fannish Pictionary

Palladian Ballroom, 4:00 pm EST

Bring your artistic talent (or lack thereof!) and join the fun guessing fannish phrases, titles, or characters, based on drawings by you or your fellow fans.

5:30 pm EST

Imaginative Realism with Maurizio Manzieri

Palladian Ballroom, 5:30 pm EST

Join Maurizio Manzieri in a journey through galaxies and faraway worlds. The Hugo-nominated artist will guide us through his fantastic portfolio, talking about recent illustrations and the magic surrounding his multi award-winning career.

Tags: Art

Thursday, December 16, 2021

10:00 am EST

How NASA and Other Space Agencies Use Art

Diplomat Ballroom, 10:00 am EST

A few years ago, NASA published an amazing series of exoplanet travel posters jointly developed by artists, designers, and scientists. The project exemplified art-centered outreach efforts by NASA and other space agencies. Panelists will discuss these efforts and how they are being used to promote understanding and generate interest in space exploration.

Tags: Art, Science

2:30 pm EST

Let’s Judge a Book by Its Cover

Calvert Room, 2:30 pm EST

What makes a good speculative fiction book or magazine cover? How can you give good art direction to help the artist succeed? How do we feel about eye-catching covers that show scenes that aren’t actually in the book? Our artists and publishers cover the subject in as much detail as 50 minutes will allow!

Type: Panel

4:00 pm EST

Art Show Gallery Crawl

Art Show, 4:00 pm EST

Join the Art Show staff for a group stroll through the Art Show to view and discuss the works on display.

5:30 pm EST

Workshop: Creating Medieval-Style Paintings

Presidential Board Room, 5:30 pm EST

Making an illuminated manuscript feels like a magic trick—some paint, some gold, and suddenly you are holding a piece of the past. Join teaching artist Hannah Charlton to create tiny Medieval-style paintings using gouache and plant-based parchment. We will be making illuminated bookmarks using historical techniques and modern materials in a fun, friendly environment, and learn about a medium that shaped the world.

Type: Workshop

Friday, December 17, 2021

10:00 am EST

John Picacio’s Spotlight on New Artists

Blue Room, 10:00 am EST

Multiple Hugo-winning artist John Picacio showcases several new artists on the speculative art scene who will present their work to the Worldcon audience.

Tags: Art, New Media

11:30 am EST

Selling Your Artwork in the Digital Age

Calvert Room, 11:30 am EST

Instagram, conventions, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, art galleries, local craft shows, Instagram, Etsy, Patreon, personal websites, and Instagram… What are the best ways to get your artwork noticed? Where do you focus your energy to get the most bang for your buck? Do you need an art agent, and if so, how do you get one? Why do you hate Instagram, and why do you have to use it anyway?

Type: Panel

2:30 pm EST

Building Starships with a Digital Brush

Presidential Board Room, 2:30 pm EST

Maurizio Manzieri, 2021 Hugo Award nominee for best professional artist, is a renowned international cover artist and teacher of digital illustration, residing in Turin, Italy. During this exclusive workshop, he will be pleased to share his techniques of work.

Type: Workshop

Saturday, December 18, 2021

4:00 pm EST

Workshop: Make a Watercolor Sunset

Presidential Board Room, 4:00 pm EST

Learn to paint a sunset with watercolors. All skill levels are welcome. The instructor will provide necessary supplies.

ALLERGY ALLERT: Latex in use.

Type: Workshop

5:30 pm EST

Making Art Commissions Mostly Painless

Calvert Room, 5:30 pm EST

So you want to sell custom artwork? Great! How do you set prices, establish reasonable limitations, and handle revisions? How do you work with clients who are way too specific or way too general? When can you “fire” a client, and when is it best to suck it up and make Captain Kirk an ocelot like they want, even though you know in your heart he’s a caracal?

Type: Panel

Sunday, December 19, 2021

10:00 am EST

Inspired or Copied? The Ethics of Art

Calvert Room, 10:00 am EST

Unapproved use of licensed material, traced artwork, copied costume patterns, digital manipulation–there are so many ways for artists to cross the line into unethical behavior when using another artist’s work as source material. How do we distinguish between inspiration, homage, and borderline theft? If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, how should artists feel about seeing their work duplicated elsewhere?

Type: Panel
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