Virtual Dealer’s Room FAQ

Please read this FAQ if you are interested in being a virtual or online dealer at Discon III in Washington, DC, USA.  You will be expected to abide by the information and rules presented here if you apply and are accepted into the Virtual Dealer’s Room. You will be further required to be compliant with the DisCon III Code Of Conduct as it pertains to online content and behavior.  Please find that information here:   Please note that this FAQ is a living document and will be updated periodically to reflect new information and deadlines.  Check here first!

What, where, and when is Worldcon?  

The 2021 World Science Fiction Convention, DisCon III, is being held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC from December 15-19, 2021.  In addition to hosting an in-person convention DisCon III is pleased to host a Virtual Dealer’s Room as part of the online presentation of this convention.  

What is a Virtual Dealer’s Room?  The DisCcon III Virtual Dealer’s Room will consist of an enhanced online presentation of participating dealers from previous Worldcons.  This will include a photo gallery of YOUR pictures, your online links to your sales portal or email, and a short blurb about your business.  Discon III is also planning to use this presentation to advertise dealers to convention attendees as part of the vibrant community that dealers bring to Worldcons.

What does this cost?  If you are planning to be an in-person dealer at DisCon III there is no further charge to participate in the DisCon III Virtual Dealer’s Room.  This is included in the table cost.  If you are not planning to be an in-person dealer at DisCcon III you must purchase at least a supporting membership ($50) to the convention.  This supporting membership carries all the rights and privileges of Worldcon membership that are granted to supporting memberships.  

Why should I want to be a dealer at a Virtual Dealer’s Room?  The COVID-19 pandemic has made great cultural changes across the world.  One of the changes is that many people have been more comfortable with shopping online and remotely attending meetings and conventions.  Participants are no longer limited to those with the means to travel which means that our community (and customer base) has grown.  Our community is still interested in buying items as part of their convention experience and making this available to our attendees in a marketplace fashion is part of the overall Worldcon remit of promoting science fiction and fantasy literature and media. 

What do I need to participate in the DisCon III Virtual Dealer’s Room?  Besides a membership (either in person or supporting) to this Worldcon you will also need to supply at least 5 photos of your work and a contact link so prospective customers can contact you.  The criteria for photos are as follows.

Pictures must be in .jpg or .png format, at least 640 x 400 pixels (larger formats preferred), titled with your business name and a picture number (e.g larrysmithbooks01, etc). Pictures of you, your staff or a pet in your business context are also acceptable. These need to be “G” rated pictures.  Smartphone camera pictures are acceptable. Send pictures to by December 5, 2021.  Pictures received after this deadline might not be posted online.  Pictures not properly titled and if not sent in acceptable formats or sizes they may also not make it online.  Please do your own editing. 

You will also need a process by which you accept payments and ship items (unless you sell digital downloads).  Specific information about your process is required in the application form and will be available online for prospective customers.

The application for the DisCon III Virtual Dealer’s Room is here:

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