DisCon III Virtual Masquerade Rules

These rules will be updated as needed up until the convention.  Please check regularly and feel free to email any questions to masquerade@discon3.org .

Please read the rules carefully.


Anyone with a DisCon III attending membership can participate.

You are welcome to have help with your video from others, but they can not appear unless members.

Everyone appearing in your video presentation must sign a release to allow DisCon III to use their image for international streaming.  You can find the form here

Costumes and presentations

DisCon III is a family-oriented event.  Please keep all presentations and costumes to PG 13 for the sake of our audience.

DisCon III is a convention for fans of imaginative media, including science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, anime, etc.  We encourage you to use your imagination to create costumes and presentations along these lines.  If you have any questions about your theme, please contact masquerade@discon3.org .

This is a Virtual Masquerade, so many of the limitations of the stage are no longer an issue.  Please be safe, in both your costuming and your presentation. We’d love to see your imagination soar with the opportunity to use the outdoors, parks or local architecture, any location that will accent your costume and support your ideas and creativity.

Standard common sense rules apply:

  • No costume is no costume – street-legal costuming only, meeting the laws of Washington, DC.
  • All presentations and costumes must meet our Code of Conduct.  Please read the Code of Conduct in advance, and if you are in doubt, please contact masquerade@discon3.org for clarification.

ICG Division System

As with most Worldcon Masquerades, we are using the ICG Division system to give everyone the best chance of taking home an award.  By following this system, we encourage new costumers to enter, competing against others of the same experience, rather than those who have been dazzling us for years.  For group presentations, enter at the level of the best costumer in the group.  If you are in doubt as to your level, please discuss with the Masquerade Director, Dr. Karen, at masquerade@discon3.org .

  • Young Fan: entrants aged 12 or under on the first day of the convention, and only when not part of another group made up of participants outside this age group. Costume can be made by the entrant, an adult or any combination thereof.
  • Novice: entrants new to costuming presenting their own work
  • Journeyman: entrants who have won awards at small and regional competitions, but are still learning and growing in their craft.
  • Master: entrants who have won multiple awards, often at international as well as large regional Masquerades.
  • Craftsman: professionals in the field of costume design and production.  Often the Master and Craftsman Divisions are combined for judging.
  • Exhibition: members of the convention who want to share a costume without being judged, usually because it has already won at an international competition, are very welcome to present in the Virtual Masquerade.


There will be three types of awards for entries in the DisCon III Virtual Masquerade:

  • Presentation Awards – honoring those who show off their costumes to their best advantage.  These will be based on both the video entry and submitted photos of the costume(s).  No one is going to be penalized for the quality of their videos; these awards will be based on the presentation and costumes as intended.
  • Workmanship Awards – will be based on photos and video of the crafting of the costume(s) as well as up-close views of the finished product.  Documentation may also be submitted to support your costume.  Workmanship is voluntary, but we encourage all costumers to enter, if only for the feedback by our expert judges.
  • Video Editing Awards – This is a new category, which will be judged by our technical crew.  There are many things that can be done with video that can’t be done on stage. We want to recognize those who edit/modify their videos to enhance their presentation.


  • Original – costumes designed from original ideas
  • Historical – costumes based on actual events in the past, with documentation to prove their provenance
  • Recreation – costumes based on media, including those that are a twisted version of an existing costume, for instance a member of the Sith who works for the IRS
  • Assembled – costumes made of found pieces and combined to fit an idea. These can include original designs as well.

Submitting your video presentation

  1. Each person can only appear in one video presentation
  2. Costumes do NOT need to be new for this competition, but in the event that you have won major awards at regional or larger conventions, we ask that you submit your entry as exhibition only.
  3. Your video presentation must  be made specifically for DisCon III, no video of previous stage presentations will be accepted.
  4. Please provide at least ONE photo of your costume, preferably several from different angles.
  5. Videos for solo entrants are limited to under 1 minute.  Group entries can have up to 2 minutes, at the discretion of the Masquerade Director.
  6. If you are recording on your phone or tablet, be sure to hold the screen HORIZONTALLY.  Your phone will automatically send your video as an MP4. On an Apple device, you want to change the video recorder to HD.30 in the upper right of the screen when you shoot your video. On a Google device use the settings, video size to change to FHD.
  7. Video needs to be done in MP4 (H.264) with the preset for YouTube1080p FullHD.
  8. Audio should be combined with your video.  If you choose to send your audio separately, it needs to be WAV or AIFF formats only.
  9. Due to copyright laws, either avoid music entirely, use music available without copyright infringement (https://creativecommons.org/about/program-areas/arts-culture/arts-culture-resources/legalmusicforvideos/), or provide written permission from the music artist. Please ask us for help at masquerade@discon3.org if you can’t find the music you want.
  10. Please submit full views of the costumes as photos as well.  Again, please hold your screen HORIZONTALLY when taking your photos for submission.  If you have an Apple device, please turn ‘live’ off.

Thank you for your interest in the DisCon III Virtual Masquerade.  Please feel free to contact us at masquerade@discon3.org at any time.