Exhibit Halls

The DisCon III Exhibit Halls will be home to some of the best loved parts of a Worldcon. Join us there!


The Displays areas at DisCon III will feature exhibits about the work of our Guests of Honor, about the Hugo Awards presented each year at Worldcon, and about fandom around the world. There will be presentations of academic posters, and memories of the first two Worldcons to bear the DisCon name. And, at a Worldcon based in the US capital, you can expect to see some displays with a distinctively American flavor, celebrating the history, culture and scientific achievements around Washington, DC. We hope to inform, entertain and surprise. What we want you to do is to enjoy.

If you have a suggestion for inclusion in our displays – objects of fannish interest, activities, interactive demonstrations, or if you can lend something for display, please contact us at exhibits@discon3.org . We’d love to hear from you. Details of the academic poster competition will be published in early 2021.

Art Show

The DisCon III Art Show will feature some of the very best of SFF-related art, including drawings, paintings, sculpture and jewelry, with many of the pieces available for sale over the convention weekend. An evening art reception will give you an opportunity to meet the artists, and to celebrate their work with the presentation of ASFA’s Chesley Awards.

If you would like to exhibit or sell your art in the Art Show, you will be able to reserve space soon – look for our form later in 2020. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can contact us at artshow@discon3.org .


The dealers at a Worldcon are always a firm favorite, including books, clothing and accessories, comics, crafts and games. The dealers at DisCon III will include local, national and international dealers selling souvenirs and gifts of all kinds.

We are sorry that we have still not been able to post further details for dealers and application forms. Due to worsening COVID-19 and pandemic issues, DisCon III is having to consider whether or not a physical convention will be safe to hold. This decision is under review and until a decision is made, applications won’t be opening for either a physical or virtual dealer room. We apologize for any inconvenience. At this time we encourage you to check back on January 15, 2021 for an update. Once we know what kind of convention we’ll be able to hold the appropriate application will be posted. Please email dealers@discon3.org with any questions you may have, and thank you for your patience.

Fan Tables

If you represent another convention, bid or fandom-related event or organisation, and you would like to promote it at DisCon III, we would love to have you among our fan tables. Reservations will open in late 2020.

Crafting and chaos costuming

Looking for somewhere to knit? Need to make an emergency repair to a costume? DisCon III’s Craft Corner is there for you!

Can you help?

We have openings in many of the areas above. If you would like to help in the DisCon III Exhibit Halls, find out more about volunteering, or get in touch with us at exhibits@discon3.org .