Art Shows are a long-time traditional element of Worldcons, and who are we to go against tradition?   We will have both a physical and virtual Art Show.  There will be panels and tables displaying original art (paintings and prints), sculpture, and jewelry.  Exhibiting artists will also be able to have a virtual display, and those physically exhibiting will also have pages on the website for attendees to view and buy art.  We hope that this will make our show more inclusive for artists who cannot travel to the con but still want to show their art.

Each piece physically displayed will have a bid sheet for placing bids We are not planning to have a voice auction–if a bid sheet is fully filled, we will add another.  There will also be “Quick Sale” for those who want to buy a piece immediately and not go through the bidding process.  If an artist enters prints of their work, you will be able to buy and take it for a set price.

So when you’re at the con, come see the Art Show in the Hampton Ballroom!  See beautiful and interesting artwork (including dryer lint–yes, really!) and support our artist community!

Hours, subject to change

Check-in Wednesday 12noon-4pm EST
Open Wednesday 5pm-9pm EST
     Thursday 10am-7pm EST, reception 7pm-9pm EST
     Friday 10am-6pm EST
     Saturday 10am-4pm EST
Sales only Sunday 10am-1pm EST
Check-out Sunday 11am-2pm EST


Please read the rules before filling out the registration form.

Questions should be directed to

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