WSFS Business Meeting

The WSFS Business Meeting is open to all attending members of that year’s Worldcon, and is where the rules of the World Science Fiction Society can be debated and changed. This includes the Hugo Award rules and the rules for the selection of future Worldcons.

WSFS Constitution and Rules

The current rules and constitution can be found on the WSFS web site.


In 2020, the 78th Worldcon, CoNZealand, was forced to hold only a limited Business Meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the meeting, they defeated all constitutional amendments up for ratification and then passed the same amendments for the first time. This effectively postponed the ratification of all amendments, and passed them on to DisCon III for ratification in 2021. (Minutes and a recording of the CoNZealand Business Meeting are available on the WSFS web site.)

The agenda for DisCon III’s Business Meeting therefore already includes the Business Passed on to DisCon III by CoNZealand. As further items are added to the agenda, we will publish information here.